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Acne is a common skin problem that can affect both teenagers and adults. Acne can also leave behind permamnant scars.

Acne scarring can really have negative impact on your self esteem and quality of life .it can destroy your confidence.you may feel anxious and depressed about the way your skin looks.

What actually is a scar

A scar is abnormal skin tissue that forms after a wound is healed to stop infection and foreign particles from entering the body.scar tissue is not formed from new skin cells. It is made up of collagen fibers and other proteins. So although a scar is the natural way of healing itself scar tissue does not look like normal skin.

What causes acne scars?

Acne scars are caused by either an overproduction of tissue (too much collagen) or a loss of tissue (too little collagen) that occurs as a result of inflammation in a cystor nodule. acne scars can also be caused or made worse by picking or squeezing spots. the acne scars appears as a growth of scar tissue on the skin or (more commonly with acne) as an indentation.

Type of acne scars

There are two main categories of acne scars

Depressed scars and raised scars

Depressed scars are caused by loss of collagen tissue and are the most common type of scar resulting from acne.

There are three main types of depressed scars:

  • Ice pick scars – these are narrow and deep scars that look like large empty pores.
  • Boxcar scars – these are broad depressions in skin with steep and defined edges.
  • Rolling scars – broad depressions with rounded and sloping edges. These scars pull at the tissue beneath skin,giving a rolling appearance.

Hypertrophic (raised) scars are less common in acne sufferers than depressed scars.they are caused by excess scar tissue resulting in raised areas of skin.

How does the dermaroller repair acne scarring?

The dermaroller works by causing a mini trauma to the skin ,activating the skin’s healing process. New collagen and elastin is produced creating brand new skin cells that will fill out any pitted scars or indentations. at the same time scar tissue is tricked into dividing and is gradually broken down.

After a few treatments scar tissue starts to contract and hyper pigmentation begins to fade. The dermaroller also thickens the skin which simultaneously makes scars less visible .with time and continued treatments most scar tissue is removed and replaced with smooth, healthy skin.

Using a dermaroller also creates channels through which products can penetrate to deeper skin layers and therefore work much more effectively than they would normally. Combining dermaroller treatment with the right products can dramatically speed up the repair process.